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Directing Your Life: Take Control

Imagine yourself as a movie director. People hire you to create a movie based on a script that they provide. Now imagine yourself as a ‘Life-Director’. This is where you take control of your mindset and create exactly the kind of life that you want, according to your dreams and needs.

Sounds awesome doesn’t it? Well guess what, it’s a completely real thing!

Well, okay it’s not really a real thing, I just made that up, the ‘Life-Director’ part anyway. But it is possible to direct your life in this way. I know, sounds a little crazy, I used to thing that way too. Let me give you an example to make things clear.

Mary wakes up one morning and she is in the best mood ever. For some reason she just knows today is going to be great. She gets out of bed and goes about doing the things she always does, her usual routine. She walks around feeling all happy and giddy inside and it doesn’t matter what negative events occur, she is able to turn everything around and see it in a positive light. Mary is not a Life-Director, she just woke up in a good mood.

Bob, on the other hand wakes up grumpy. He had a rough night’s sleep, he has a bit of a toothache and he doesn’t realize until he opens the fridge that he forgot to buy milk on the way home from work last night, it looks like he’ll be taking his coffee black this morning, just like his mood.

Bob is a Life-Director, so the first thing he does once he’s fully woken up is some slow and deep breathing exercises. He immediately begins to feel better and the pain in his tooth has lessened slightly.

Next, he looks at the plans that he organized for himself a few weeks back and cooks himself a healthy breakfast to go with his second unfortunately dark coffee. He feels good from the healthy meal. Now, he sits down and begins to visualize himself in a good mood, taking charge of his day and making even more progress with the personal projects he has set for himself.

Bob has only been living this way for a few months since he came across the idea of ‘directing his life through mindset’. He has already seen some drastic changes occur and he feels good about what he is doing. He still makes mistakes and hasn’t fully mastered his mindset, but he is well on the way to living exactly the kind of life that he wants.

I used to wake up unhappy, little things would ‘ruin my day’ even before it got started. I spent too much time focused on the negative. Yep, I was bitchy and blamed everyone else. Until I learned that I could be just like Bob. Mindset is something that is becoming more common knowledge.

It is the modern take on a very ancient discipline practiced by monks for hundreds of years. It is the profound truth that you can become the master of your state of mind, to influence not only your thoughts, emotions, health, and wellness, but also your external environment.

It’s hard to get started but once you create the right habits, it will become easier. It’s also not about being perfect and more about being aware of your thoughts and emotions. Here's five steps to get you started:

1. Before you fall asleep tonight, decide that you are going to wake up in a good mood.

2. When you wake up, think about how to have your best day possible.

3. Sit up and take a few minutes to close your eyes and breathe deeply.

4. Write down five things that you are grateful for.

5. For the rest of the day, when a negative thought creeps into your head, picture yourself kicking it to the curb.

I know, you’re probably still thinking I’m a bit whacked, so prove me wrong. Do these five things every day and you’re bound to see a difference. It might small at the beginning but if you keep at it, those small changes will become big ones.

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