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Attn: Midlife Moms

3 Steps to Go from Hot Mess to Badass and Start Rocking Midlife

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Do you feel like a hot mess?

Are you a midlife mom struggling to find your footing as your children grow up and become more independent? Do you find yourself wondering who you are outside of being a wife and mother?

You're not alone!


That's exactly how I felt and I was able to embrace my hot mess, unleash my inner badass, and started rocking midlife like never before!

I put together all the steps that I took and created:

 "3 Steps to Go from Hot Mess to Badass and Start Rocking Midlife"


This is a transformative program designed to empower you, help you rediscover your identity, and thrive during this incredible chapter of life. Get ready to unleash your inner awesomeness, rediscover your identity, and absolutely OWN this amazing chapter of your life!

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What's included?

Gain a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that midlife presents.

Identify the gaps. What's working and what's not?

Discover your true passion. What lights you up?

Connect with your purpose. What ignites you?

Fan the flames by unleashing your WHY

Why wait any longer? Be a part of this life-changing program and become the unstoppable badass you were always meant to be! 

Get your FREE course today!

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Hey there

Hi, I’m Lucie - the relatable midlife mom next door!

Just like countless others, I faced an identity crisis (aka midlife crisis) that is, sadly, all too common for midlife moms.


Five years ago, the emotional turmoil of midlife turned my life into a hot mess. To make things worse, I thought I was crazy, and I felt completely alone. One day, it all came crashing down on me but I came up swinging!

I created the tools and resources to rediscover my identity, and soon, I started thriving in this incredible chapter we call midlife. Now I help other midlife moms to unleash their inner awesomeness, rediscover their identity, and absolutely OWN this amazing chapter of their lives!

Are you ready to go from Hot Mess to the Badass that you know that you are?

My Midlife Hot Mess

I know that you likely feel alone and that you're the only one that feels like a hot mess! I'm here to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE and every hot mess has an inner badass!


Hear all about my midlife hot mess in this podcast episode.

Unleash your inner badass today!

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