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Meet Lucie Q.

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Who am I?


That’s the question that started my journey of self-discovery almost 5 years ago. I was a wife and mom but was that who I was? It was a question that I asked after finding myself at rock bottom and the answer could only be revealed after I found the courage to dive into the dark corners of my mind.


Who I am is expressed in everything that I do as a wife, mom, podcaster and Journaling mentor.

Over 30 years ago I met my love, my soul mate, Jeff and together we have two adult sons, Liam, and Ethan. Jeff and I live in a small fishing village in Nova Scotia, Canada. We love walking Martinique Beach and finding sand dollars.

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The Midlife Meltdown Hit Me Hard...


It took me a while to find my way and journaling was a big part of the process. I'm now helping other women who find themselves lost and struggling in this season of life. 

Your Journaling Journey is a guided journal.


Who hasn't sat there, staring at a blank page, trying to figure out what to write? How do you begin to purge all of the thoughts in your head onto the pages of a journal?

  • Have you started and stopped journaling?

  • Are you caught up trying to figure out how to start?

  • Have you heard about the benefits of journaling but have no clue how to make it "work" for you?

The first step is with Your Journaling Journey.


Get your copy today

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