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Rediscover YOU in Midlife


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Hey there

Hi, I’m Lucie. Five years ago, the emotional turmoil of midlife turned my life into a sh*tstorm.  To make things worse, I had no idea that my chaotic emotions were due to the roller coaster of midlife. I thought I was crazy, and I felt completely alone.

Now, I help women survive (or avoid) the midlife meltdown with my podcast, The Roller Coaster, but it’s time to dive deeper and create the connection that women have been craving, that's why I'm launching the Rediscover YOU in Midlife PodSummit a FREE online event that you can enjoy at your own pace!

Does this sound like you?

I just want to feel like ME again.

I don’t know who I am anymore.

I feel alone.

I want to be heard.

I’m craving connection.

I feel like life imploded on me.

Sex life? What’s that?

These are some of the things that midlife women have shared with me. Each one, broke my heart because I remember feeling the same way.

I’ve arranged this podsummit because I want to reassure you that midlife is more than a list of symptoms that we must endure.

Midlife is a time to embrace an incredible journey for all its wisdom and beauty, and not to be left clouded in fear, feeling stuck or confused.

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Do you feel lost?

Midlife is when you are invited to step into who your inner self, reconnect with who you really are and stand confidently in your own power.

40 became the new 30
50 became the new 40

We’re told that this is the best time of life because we have the opportunity to do what we want. We arrive at 40 or 50 with all the fanfare but deep down we often feel a bit lost. We know there’s more to life, heck – it must be true if everyone else seems to be having the time of their life, but...

What if you don’t know where to start?

You feel that somewhere along the way, you’ve lost that sense of self and your confidence is disappearing along with it.


Maybe you’ve had a few ideas of what you might want, but even the smallest of decisions about your life seems overwhelming or confusing. Are you asking yourself what if you make the wrong decision or what if it’s too late?

The thought of it all exhaust you, so you pop the cork off a bottle of wine or grab a tub of ice cream and retreat to the sofa to lose yourself in the next “binge-worthy” series.

My Midlife Meltdown

I know that you likely feel alone, like you're the only one that doesn't have her sh!t together. I'm here to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


Here's what happened in what I call my midlife meltdown.

Stop feeling alone and join us!

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Are You Ready?

My darkest day became my greatest gift and that’s why I’m supporting women like you, so that you can gain clarity and build the confidence to rediscover you and what you want.


There are so many amazing midlife women who are making a significant impact in their field of expertise – and we are bringing an incredible guest speakers, hand-picked especially for you!


Isn't it time to Rediscover YOU in Midlife? 

Sign Up Today

Join Us November 1st to 4th, 2022

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Join an amazing line up of experts and get ready to learn, to be inspired and to be encouraged to Rediscover YOU in Midlife!

Day #1


Eleni Fuiaxis

Kick Self-Doubt

Day #2

Cara Moulds.jpg

Cara Moulds

Heroine's Journey

Day #3

EB Headshot2 - Corinne Kalasky.png

Esther Blum

Hormones &

Lucie Q. jpg

Name Name


Day #4

Susan Bratton White Coat Close Up - Corinne Kalasky.jpg

Susan Bratton


Linda and Judy gold and pink - Judy Schoenberg.jpg

Judy Schoenberg
Linda Lautenberg

Career Evolution

HeadShot - Stacy Reck.png

Stacy Reck 

Art Journaling

0D9A9942-Edit -

Alison Bladh

Reduce Stress

DRB - Robin Buckley.jpg

Dr. Robin Buckley


LaurieReynoldson-Fall22-195 - Laurie Reynoldson.jpg

Laurie Reynoldson

Your Act III

DSC_6028 - Birgitta Visser.jpg

Birgitta Visser

Being Authentic

Rebekah Rotstein.png

Rebekah Rotstein

Bone Health

Leah Mazur 2 - Mindfully Ready.jpg

Leah Marie Mazur

Divorce Recovery

BIZ_5488 copy - Elizabeth Cush, LCPC.jpg

Elizabeth Cush

Reduce Stress


Julianne Bosch

Managing Chaos

Tracey Whittet.jpg

Tracey Whittet


Headshot cal tshirt - Stacy McAlpine.jpg

Stacy McAlpine

Stop Should-ing

5PhotoCredit_Molly__McCauley - Lucy Liu.jpg

Lucy Liu



They are seasoned speakers and podcast guest who have been featured on:

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