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Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars

I love this quote by Norman Vincent Peale.

Are you letting your inner critic win?

Many of us lack confidence, and this keeps stagnant and sometime inhibited from reaching out to get what we want, or deserve.

At your job, in your romantic relationships, and even around the house – it's common for us to sell ourselves short and think we can't do better than what we are doing right at this very moment. It's not true, though, it's a lie that we tell to protect ourselves.

If you were to be incredibly honest with yourself and really examine your own thoughts, how often would you say you wrestle with your inner-voice (aka: the itty bitty shitty committee) that has been increasing your doubts and chipping away at your confidence?

You allow this to hold you back because you can't stop wondering what will happen if you mess up, or embarrass yourself, and you are likely you're worried that you aren't smart enough, you don't have enough experience, or you're not capable or talented enough.

Self-Doubt Is Part Of You

It's part of our experience as a human, and we don't need to look very far to see how self-doubt has damaged you thus far. While it's natural, if you allow it to run unchecked it will prevent you from taking action in every area of your life.

Far too many people are deeply talented and capable, yet selling themselves short because they have started to believe the lies they tell themselves. Instead of taking action and chasing success, doubt wins.

We are too afraid to make a life-changing telephone call, we're too scared to throw our hat in the ring to get the promotion we deserve, we never push back or say no when we're overwhelmed, and something holds us back from asking that person out. Sometimes it takes giving yourself permission to be imperfect to truly reach for the stars.

No one is immune to this very human problem, but you can banish that self-doubt and reclaim your power.

Embrace Doubt.

Think about what you would like to change (or achieve) and remember that self-doubt is a reflexive device to protect you from humiliation. So, instead of beating yourself up for listening to your inner critic try to remember that it's only trying to protect you. Embrace it, and overcome it.

Doubt Doubt.

Doubt is not truth, as mentioned above it's trying to protect you – the problem is it's generally looking at the worst case scenario and making you run in the other direction. It isn't the truth. Don't believe your doubts, start to doubt them instead of doubting yourself. You are smart enough, worthy enough, and ready for this.

Question Your Inner Critic.

While some people look at the world through rose-tinted glasses, you might be looking at it through your inner critic. It's essentially impossible to silence that critic, but you can absolutely limit its power by questioning what it tells you. (For more on your inner critic watch Season 1 Episode 4)

Know The Mission Is Bigger.

What is it that you are willing to be brave for? Understanding that your mission is bigger than any fear you may experience is the key to overcoming self-doubt.

The people that you surround yourself with help to shape you, so make sure that you surround yourself with the people who bring out the best in you, empower you, and encourage you.

There isn't a magic pill that will help you dissolve your self-doubt, it will come in increments. Take it one-step at a time and consider your courage to be a muscle that needs to be exercised regularly.

It's time to push your doubt to one side and stop selling your self short – you won't be able to grab the stars until you start reaching for them. What are you waiting for?

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