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Are You Settling For Less Or Reaching For The Top?

We as humans have the unique opportunity to evolve, progress and reach our full potential. Daily, we are met with various decisions that can directly impact our future.

The concept of the human brain is fascinating. Intelligent beings have been able to push the boundaries of development and contribute their talents to society.

Unfortunately, we sometimes get complacent and begin to diminish our true capabilities. We may get comfortable in our current position without evaluating where we could be.

The possibilities that life presents us with are endless. Striving for greatness is attainable if we first recognize where we are. Every so often, it will serve you well to ask yourself a series of questions that will determine if you are truly settling for less.

1. Are you stimulated mentally?

Think about your daily routine, are you engaging in activities that challenge you? The book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, speaks to the importance of challenges in the workplace and how this leads to optimal focus. The book suggests that when we engage in work that is challenging, yet achievable, we “get lost” in time, so to speak, and reach this level of Flow that results in a happy balance.

This mentality could be applied to any goal we may have. If you strive to eat cleaner and develop an active routine, the challenge in itself is exciting. You will be encouraged to push yourself beyond your limitations. This leads to increased self-worth and confidence. We can also attribute this to our relationships.

Are we surrounding ourselves with individuals who refuse to settle for less, even when it comes to conducting? Embracing this self-aware mentality will encourage us to accept nothing but the best from others. We won’t fall prey to being taken advantage of or being used.

2. Are you using all of your talents?

We may engage a few of our strengths in our daily routine, but could we push ourselves to utilize all of our strengths? For example, a great artist doesn’t simply rely on her accurate depiction of objects to complete her painting. Rather, she hones in on the proper use of color, shapes, and shading to go from a simple drawing to a masterpiece.

Could we reach our full potential by perfecting our skills and using them to the highest degree? Sure, we may have excellent verbal skills, but could we brush up on our writing in order to acquire more opportunities? We are multi-faceted creatures with the ability to become skilled at whatever we desire.

3. Are you happy?

This may seem like a simple question, but the answer is groundbreaking. Are you truly happy with your current situation, or are you going through the motions? True happiness is exempt from comparison, self-loathing, doubt, and even pain. If we find ourselves living a life that just doesn’t seem right, we may be settling for less. We may become so accustomed to the comfort of our current life; the possibility of something better could seem far-reaching. However, properly identifying your emotions could assist you in figuring out what you deserve.

How Can I Reach the Top?

For starters, it’s important to evaluate your needs. Ask yourself the aforementioned questions and interpret your answers. Figure out what you’re missing from your life and begin there.

After you determine what it is that you are dissatisfied with, research how you can change that. If you’re settling into your job, find out what you can do to move up.

Learn a new skill, a new language or even take that leap into a new career. If you’re settling into your relationship, openly discuss with your partner your feelings and see if there’s room for improvement. All progress is based on openly communicating your wants and taking action to achieve them.

It is unfortunate to waste talent simply because one can’t recognize their potential. If you believe you can do better, the great news is that you can. All it takes is the right amount of effort and determination to reach an amazing level of greatness.

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