Image by Evie S.

Welcome to your next chapter.

Turning the page and starting a new chapter can be scary. For so many years, we knew what needed to be done because our to-do lists seem to write themselves, leaving us little to no time to focus on ourselves.


Those little arms that used to reach for hugs are now reaching for the car keys and that can leave us feeling a little lost. We’ve loved every minute of being a Mom (well most of them!), and now we’re being called on a new journey.


The problem is that our new path isn’t clearly laid out for us and knowing which steps to take create feelings of being lost or stuck.


This journal is designed to help you reconnect with your authentic self; it is the very first baby step to take.


I'm so excited for you to turn the page and start writing your next chapter!

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The Empowered Midlife Mom Journal