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Calling all midlife moms...


Welcome, to The Roller Coaster where we help midlife Moms be empowered and renew their sense of purpose.


Moms, our lives are full of crazy twists, turns, ups and downs...and that's not to mention what our hormones are doing! The little arms that used to reach for hugs are now reaching for the car keys. We're navigating helping our kids plan their next chapters while quietly wondering - what the heck does MY next chapter look like?

The good news is that you're not alone!

Join me each week as I chat with professionals, life coaches and women, just like you, who are living life on their terms. I’m inviting you to throw your head back, arms in the air, and come along with me for the ride!

Midlife Moms
Lucie Q. Midlife Moms
At my lowest (what I now call being stuck at the bottom of sh*t barrel), I realized that I had 2 choices:
  • look down and drown 
  • lookup at all the possibilities
It took a lot of work to pull myself up and it launched me on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. I spent endless hours searching the internet to learn from life leaders and coaches. I combed social media for all the wisdom that I could absorb to help me create the change that my soul craved.

Lucie Quigley Host of The Roller Coaster Podcast Having Fun

I couldn’t have done this alone, my heart, my soul, is my husband, Jeff, and our two adult sons, Liam and Ethan.


I used to be scared to talk about my dreams and goals. As I fed my mind and changed my mindset, I found the courage to share my journey. As I changed, so did my family. My relationship got stronger with my husband and I was better equipped to support our sons on their journeys.

Meet Lucie q.

Five years ago, life brought me to my knees...literally!

What I didn't know at the time was that I was going through an identity crisis. My oldest was getting ready for university and suddenly, I had no idea who I was. 

I was frustrated, lost and searching for answers.

Lucie Q_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg
It has been a crazy journey and now I'm on a mission to help empower midlife moms so they can define their next chapter.
I know how it feels to crave change but have no idea how to begin. I took the long way to get to where I am today, you don’t need to. 

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